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Facial Slimming

There are a variety of treatments that can be used to achieve facial slimming, or a more "v-shaped" face! We always recommend an in-person consultation to discuss your goals and to assess your facial anatomy so we can provide you with optimal treatment recommendations. Below are treatments we love to achieve facial slimming!



Jawline Slimming aka a Masseter Reduction is achieved by injecting a neuromodulator (Botox or Xeomin) to relax the bulky masseter muscle-- great for a square or rounded jawline! Or to treat clenching, grinding or TMJ!

KYBELLA is an injectable designed to reduce excess fat on the chin. This helps patients reduce the appearance of  “double chin” & achieve a more contoured profile. It breaks down fat cells which are then eliminated through normal metabolic processes. The fat cells are destroyed gradually, producing a noticeably slimmer & more contoured effect on the chin and jawline area!


Jawline contouring is done using dermal fillers to provide more definition & structure to the jawline area-- instantly lift the skin, sculpt, and define the angles of the lower face, improve volume, restore overall balance & symmetry, and improve the profile view of the face. This typically pairs very well with a non-surgical chin augmentation!


A non-surgical chin augmentation is the perfect solution for those with concerns of a "weak", "flat" or rounded chin. Chin filler can restore balance & bring greater harmony and balance to the face. It will make the jawline look more defined & create a more feminized, "v" or elongated face shape.

MINT PDO Threads are used to address skin laxity. A safe & effective alternative to a face-lift. Lift & tighten the mid-face region, to address sagging skin, fine lines & wrinkles, and take years off of your face. Simultaneously, this treatment not only instantly lifts, but stimulates collagen, in turn helping strengthen & firm skin! You can combine this treatment with the Jawline thread lift. 

MINT PDO Threads are used to address skin laxity. A safe & effective alternative to a face-lift. Lift, tighten, firm & define the jawline region, to address skin laxity, sagging skin, jowels. The PDO threads stimulate collagen, further strengthening the jawline region. You can combine this treatment with the mid-face thread lift. 


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