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Skin Treatments

We have a variety of skin treatments that are wonderful for skin heath and stimulating collagen production!


Also known as the "Vampire Facial". We use the SkinPen microneedling pen. SkinPen’s microneedles pierce the skin, triggering your immune system to disinfect the wounds, remove debris, increase blood flow, & begin to create new tissue. The micro-wounds created are rebuilt with new granulation cells that include collagen proteins. These rich proteins improve skin youthfulness.

With the addition of PRF-- the growth factors directed into those channels made by SkinPen kick-starts tissue repair & further enhances collagen production to help skin feel firmer, smoother, & have a more youthful glow!


We recommend 1 treatment every 3 months for maintenance 

We use VI Chemical Peels in our office! They are high-impact with minimal-downtime. The VI Peels have a blend of acids, retinol, vitamins, & minerals that give greater results than a general resurfacing peel. There are five different versions of the VI Peel available, each tailored to specific patient skin concerns-- however, the overall benefits include: 

  • Smooth fine lines & wrinkles

  • Diminish sun spots & hyperpigmentation

  • Soften rough skin texture

  • Repair acne scars

  • Calm redness from rosacea

  • Reduce the size of enlarged pores

  • Stimulate collagen & elastin production

  • Improve overall skin health



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